Although Myanmar’s mobile broadband speed is among the fastest in Asia, the country’s fixed broadband penetration is less than 1%. When it comes to developing user-friendly streaming service, the country’s Internet coverage poses unique challenges. MRTV4, the largest TV channel in Myanmar, partners with Revo to tackle these challenges head-on.


Brand Identity

“Pyone” means “smile” in Burmese. From the get go, we knew we wanted to incorporate the two elements – a smiley face and a play button together to represent not just the platform name, but also MRTV4’s attitude of making video streaming painless, enjoyable and fun! After trying out different smiley faces, we landed on the most straightforward one in combination with saturated, lively colors. By personifying the brand logo, audience can more easily connect with the new service they were previously unfamiliar with.


Naturally, we focus more on mobile viewing experience while designing this platform. Viewers can not only tap into MRTV’s vast collection of Myanmar and international shows, but they can also access shorter clips that are easy to watch on the go. The end results are native mobile apps and website integrated with the Ooyala live stream feature and playback videos, used by tens of thousands on a daily basis.