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Go for Gold Microsite


Union Pay International is a global card payment organization offering a high quality, cost effective and secure cross-border payment services to the world’s largest cardholder base. In Myanmar it offers convenient local services to a growing number of global Union Pay cardholders and merchants. With its communication objectives of raising brand awareness, increasing local cardholder base and generating interest in Union Pay promotions and card products, UPI Myanmar was looking to step into the digital arena with a promotion campaign that incorporated an online approach.


Our Creative Idea

ERA Myanmar conceptualized for UPI a digital promotion campaign titled “Go for Gold” with a microsite that embodies the aesthetics and essence of the brand and delivers the campaign’s centrepiece, an online lucky-draw system. The mechanism of “Go for Gold” campaign is to reward gold coins to the Union Pay cardholders who spend K30,000 in both local and international retail stores and participate in the lucky draw. After the campaign period of 13 weeks, a weekly winner list would be announced with live streaming, and it would also be published on Facebook.


The Challenges

1. How to extract important data from a sale receipt without manual data input process.

2. How to define parameters, such as Union Pay card payment, spend amount, partner banks and merchants, from different sales receipt formats.

3. How to create an efficient microsite user experience through user interactions like taking a photo, uploading the receipt and filling information.

4. How to livestream the countdown of winner selection with a lucky draw number generator.


The Approach

After briefing and brainstorming sessions with client, we came up an idea with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for data extraction challenge. Undeniably, there are inherent limitations of OCR technology, such as image rectification and data structuring. During testing period, we noticed that there are different formats of payment receipt, even with the same bank issuer. The OCR system performed reasonably well to extract characters from paper voucher images under normal conditions with an accuracy level of 90% but to compensate for the unsystematic paper formats of different banks we combined OCR with human review to address the shortcomings of OCR and ensure much higher verification accuracy and speed.

When thinking of user experience, the personas of Union Pay cardholders and potential consumers were quite important since most local citizens are not familiar with microsites. To achieve desired user conversion rate, our UX strategist created a simple form with a straightforward and easy to understand steps. This way, users were able to submit their information on one page with less friction without the need to scroll up and down for important information. User confusion point was in selecting receipt types such as local receipt, international receipt and online receipt. Hence, a detail explanation of each receipt type was shown by hovering over receipt types.


The Results

Despite the tight timeline of just 8 weeks for the microsite and the lucky draw system, ERA’s Tech Team pulled it off beautifully with their technical ground field experience and industry insights. Taking the target market into account, the final results were impressive for UPI and ERA Myanmar.


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