Welcome to ERA.

More About Us

Myanmar’s most recognized communications agency.

We don’t compete with other Myanmar agencies, we are here to contribute to the growth of the marketing and strategic communications sector. We do this by competing against APAC and the world’s best PR firms through creative, effective and engaging campaigns.

Our team is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best firms in the world in the way we service clients, create campaigns and train our people. Our 20+ campaign awards and 5+ agency awards are the most of any agency in Myanmar, and attest to our ability to do just that.

A unique team chemistry that inspires excellent work.

At more than 90 team members you would think things become impersonal. Not at ERA. We have team from all different backgrounds that come together to create inclusive, content-led campaigns that strengthen relationships with our clients’ important audiences with any message, on any channel.

Our strong culture also means we have one of the lowest turnover rates of any large agency in Myanmar. We have grown over the years, but never lost the creativity and feel of the boutique agency we began as.

More communications expertise than any other agency.

We are not just a name on the door. We are led by true experts in communications with backgrounds at the largest agencies in the world. We are here to develop the first generations of Myanmar’s marketing and communications leaders by ideating the best campaigns for them to work on, working for the best clients and training the team on foundations of communications.

Our international standards of client service, combined with the best local market insights, combine to foster relationships with our clients that last for years and bring us closer together.

We are one of the longest-tenured communications agencies in the country, led by a powerful mix of Myanmar and international communications experts. We have deep relationships in the business, media and public communities that enable us to make great things happen for our clients.